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Restyle Fortune Teller Hoodie (Plus Available)

Restyle Fortune Teller Hoodie (Plus Available)

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This phenomenal gothic hoodie from Restyle clothing is perfect for your alternative outfit.

Long and super warm, made of thick high quality 100% cotton
with a veil sewn on the full length of hoodie to keep you even more mysterious!

It will make your waist accented because of 2 buttons.

Oversized hood will keep you warm and dry in rainy and windy days.

On the full length of hoodie there is a beautiful unique printing designed by our awesome team.
Printing is very durable, you can wash it dozens of times and printed crescent moons, alchemical and zodiac signs will look just as new.

The delicate chiffon veil on the full length of hoodie adds more feminine element to the hoodie.
It`s ethereal and will look amazing in windy days, as it`s longer than hoodie down to ankles.

We didn`t forget to sew two deep pockets on the sides of hoodie, where you can fit your cold hands, smartphone and a wallet.

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