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Althea Heart Ring

Althea Heart Ring

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Althea Heart Ring | Morbid Rags

Discover the captivating Althea Heart Ring, a symbol of gothic allure. Crafted with precision, this stunning ring features a heart design, radiating an air of mystery and individuality. The combination of sleek Cubic Zirconia and striking black color exudes an edgy charm that resonates with those who embrace the goth, punk, metal, or death metal aesthetic. Adorn your finger with the Althea Heart Ring and make a bold statement that captures the essence of your unique style.


  • Experience the superior craftsmanship of our ring, expertly crafted with a blend of premium Metal Alloy and dazzling Cubic Zirconia. This exceptional combination ensures a truly high-quality ring that exudes elegance.
  • Elevate your style with the captivating charm of this ring, adding an attractive grace to enhance any woman's wardrobe.


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