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Apothecary's Broom Closet Locket

Apothecary's Broom Closet Locket

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The Apothecary's Broom Closet Locket

This Witch's locket features a Crescent Moon sigil encompassed with wildflower's on the outside and a pentacle and triquetra hidden on the opposite side of the face on. Enabling you to keep the protective sigils close to your heart chakra while keeping your spirituality private.

The hollowed space on the inside is designed to discreetly hold your meds and is large enough to easily and safely contain a day or two's worth. It can also be used for crystal chips, herbs, and more.

Its made from solid stainless steel to ensure a hypoallergenic containment space.

Comes with a complimentary 18" chain made from zinc alloy. Nickel and lead free.

Measures 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide with a depth of 1.2 centimeters.

Designes by and exclusive to Imagined By Nell, LLC

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