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Morbid Rags

Aradia Crow Necklace

Aradia Crow Necklace

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Unveil the captivating darkness with the Aradia Crow Necklace, a mesmerizing blend of gothic allure and rebellious spirit. Crafted from sleek metal, this enchanting accessory showcases the iconic crow design, embodying the untamed essence of the night. With its hauntingly beautiful aesthetic, the Aradia Crow Necklace is an emblem of individuality and the perfect adornment for those who revel in the realms of goth, punk, metal, or death metal subcultures. Embrace your inner darkness and let this bewitching talisman soar, accentuating your unique style with an irresistible burst of gothic elegance.


  • Design: Crow Gothic Necklace
  • Materials: Metal


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