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Besom Broom

Besom Broom

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Witch's Besom Hair Stick

The enchanting Besom Broom Hair Stick, a magical accessory that embraces the symbolism of the besom broom, a tool deeply rooted in witchcraft and pagan traditions. This hair stick is meticulously crafted for witches who walk the path of magic and seek to weave their intentions into every aspect of their lives.

Sculpted in the shape of a besom broom, this hair stick embodies the ancient symbolism associated with sweeping away negative energies and welcoming positive energies into your life. It serves as a reminder of the importance of spiritual purification and the power of transformation that lies within your hands.

Delicately placed down the handle of the hair stick is a series of moon phases, representing the cyclical nature of life and the ebb and flow of energy. These moon phases serve as a constant reminder of the ever-shifting energies present in the universe and the potent magic that can be harnessed during each lunar phase.

At the center of a cute bow, you'll find a tiny pentacle—the quintessential symbol of witchcraft. This pentacle acts as a focal point for your intentions, representing protection, balance, and connection to the spiritual realm. It serves as a powerful talisman that amplifies your magical energy as you adorn your hair.

Functional and elegant, this hair stick secures your hair while encompassing the essence of the besom broom. As you intertwine your hair with the broom-shaped stick, you create a visible connection to the ancient traditions and magical rites associated with the broom as a tool of the craft.

Embrace the power of the Besom Broom Hair Stick, allowing it to guide you on your mystical journey. Harness the transformative energy of the besom broom, honor the sacred cycles of the moon, and invite the protection and balance of the pentacle into your life. With each wear, weave your intentions into your hair and symbolically sweep away negativity while embracing the magic that resides within.

Unlock the secrets of the besom broom and adorn your hair with the Besom Broom Hair Stick. Embrace your identity as a witch and let your hair become a canvas for your magical expression. Cast spells of protection, purification, and manifestation as you embody the power and wisdom of the craft.

The hair stick measures approx six inches (6")
Its a little shorter than the average hair pin but still long enough and durable enough to secure a bun.

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