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Morbid Rags

Boys Don't Cry Pin

Boys Don't Cry Pin

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Boys Don't Cry Pin

Rewind to the melancholic beauty of The Cure with the Boys Don't Cry Pin. This enamel masterpiece captures the iconic cassette tape, a nostalgic symbol of the band's early days. Boldly etched with "The Cure" at the top and "Boys Don't Cry" at the bottom, it's a subtle yet powerful tribute to a timeless song. Let this pin tell your story of heartbreak and resilience, reminding everyone that it's okay to feel it all. Pin it to your jacket, bag, or wherever you want to keep the music alive.


  • Design: Boys Don't Cry Cassette Tape
  • Materials: Enamel on Metal
  • Dimensions: 1" x 1.4"

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