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Broom Closet Locket

Broom Closet Locket

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Witch Locket

 Or a broom closet locket, if you will, as this is the perfect pendant for witches who prefer to keep their spirituality and practices private.

It features a crescent moon on the outside and a pentacle on the inside. It allows you to keep the protective symbol close to your heart chakra without it being seen.

 Use a bit of gummy adhesive to affix a photo, or a spell, or a sigil to the opposite site and snap it shut. It has a magnetic clasp to further the illusion of whats inside.

Silver Toned is made from a steel and zinc blend. The gold toned is made from a steel, zinc, and bronze blend. Nickel, Lead, and Iron free and hypoallergenic.

 Design by and exclusive to Imagined By Nell, LLC

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