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Cerridwen's Dagger Hair Stick

Cerridwen's Dagger Hair Stick

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The Dagger of Cerridwen

Can be used as hair decor, an athame, a bookmark, arsenal for your art dolls, and more.

This unique accessory is inspired by the goddess Cerridwen, who is associated with magic, transformation, and wisdom. Cerridwen is a Welsh goddess who is often depicted as a wise old woman, and is associated with the moon, the harvest, and the cycles of life.

Cerridwen is also known for her connection to the cauldron, which is seen as a symbol of transformation and rebirth. It is believed that she brewed a magical potion in her cauldron, which would grant the gift of wisdom and poetic inspiration to those who drank it.

According to Welsh mythology, Cerridwen owned a magical cauldron that would give wisdom and inspiration to whoever drank from it. She had a son named Afagddu, who was believed to be ugly and unintelligent. In an attempt to help her son, Cerridwen created a potion using the herbs and ingredients that she had gathered. She boiled the potion in her cauldron for a year and a day, intending to give it to Afagddu so that he could have the gift of knowledge and inspiration.

However, while she was away, a young boy named Gwion accidentally ingested the potion and gained the gift of knowledge and inspiration instead of Afagddu. Furious, Cerridwen chased Gwion, who transformed into a series of animals to evade her. Eventually, Gwion turned into a grain of wheat and Cerridwen turned into a sow and ate him. As a result, Cerridwen became pregnant with Gwion and gave birth to him nine months later. She couldn't bring herself to kill him and instead threw him in the sea, where he was found by a prince and raised as their own.

This hair dagger is intended to be a fitting tribute to Cerridwen, as it embodies her strength, power, and wisdom. It is a perfect accessory for witches and pagans, who seek to connect with the energies of the goddess and draw upon her transformative and magical powers.

Made from a zinc and steel alloy.
Nickel and lead free.
Measures 6.5" long

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