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Gentlemen's Apothecary Locket

Gentlemen's Apothecary Locket

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Witch Locket for those who vibe with a masculine aesthetic.

This vintage style locket is a perfect accessory for male witches and anyone interested in the cosmology and mythological references associated with witchcraft. The outside of the locket is adorned with a horned moon, antlers, an arrow, and the sun, each of which has its unique metaphysical significance.

The horned moon and antlers are associated with the God in his aspect as the Horned One, symbolizing the power and rhythm of nature. Arrows are a symbol of direction and purpose. The sun represents light, vitality, and inspiration, and is often associated with the divine spark within us.

The triangle is another symbol that has many associations in magical practice. It represents the three aspects of the divine, the three realms of existence, and the power of balance.

The inside of the locket features the sigil of Pan, a Greek God associated with nature, fertility, and the wild. He is often associated with the Greek satyrs, who were half-human and half-goat beings. In the center is a pentacle, a symbol of protection and unity.

Made from hypoallergenic zinc, which is nickel and lead-free, this locket is suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. The inside cavity is spacious enough to store crystal chips, dried herbs, medication, or anything else you might want to carry with you.

Comes on a 20" black vegan leather cord.

The vintage style and symbology make this locket the perfect addition to any male witch's jewelry collection, as well as a great gift idea for anyone interested in the metaphysical and mythological aspects of witchcraft.

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