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Ghost Pirate Sword

Ghost Pirate Sword

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Sword Hair Stick or Athame for your altar - this works either way!

the Swashbuckler's Sword Hair Stick - a captivating accessory that brings the charm and adventure of the high seas into your everyday style. This unique hair stick takes inspiration from pirate lore and showcases the fearsome skeleton of Davey Jones stretching across its blade.

Featuring the iconic shape of a pirate's sword, this hair stick is the perfect combination of elegance and intrigue. Crafted in fine detail, the skeleton of Davey Jones adorns the length of the blade, adding an air of mystery and a touch of rebellion to your ensemble. With every twist and turn of your hair, the skeletal figure serves as a reminder of the untamed spirit within you.

The Swashbuckler's Sword Hair Stick is meticulously crafted from durable materials, ensuring it withstands the test of time and holds your hair securely in place. The blade's smooth surface and carefully designed grip make it easy and comfortable to slide through your hair, creating a stunning look that is both effortless and daring.

This hair stick is versatile, making it suitable for various hairstyles and occasions. Whether you desire a regal updo or prefer to accentuate your flowing locks, the Swashbuckler's Sword Hair Stick is the ideal accessory to effortlessly elevate your style and express your adventurous spirit.

Set sail on your own hair-styling adventure with the Swashbuckler's Sword Hair Stick. Unleash your inner pirate captain, embracing the spirit of Davey Jones himself, as you conquer any style or challenge that comes your way. Enhance your hairstyle with a touch of mystery and embrace the hidden treasures that this hair stick reveals.

The perfect compliment to your Witchy and Gothic aesthetic!

Can also be used as a letter opener, bookmark, or altar decor.

Each hair pin is six (6) inches long in total. The pin, itself is five (5) inches. The Triple Moon Goddess emblem is one (1) inch long and two and a half (2.5) inches wide.

It weighs approx 6 grams. Its lightweight and is comfortable to wear.

Made from a Zinc Alloy. Nickel and Lead free

*Note. It is shorter than some standard hair pins or chopsticks but it is still more than long enough to secure a bun.

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