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Hekate's Athame Hair Stick

Hekate's Athame Hair Stick

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Hekate's Athame
Sword Hair Stick Inspired by the Goddess Hekate
Can be used as a hair stick, a bookmark, an athame, artillery for an art doll, plant decor. Lots of options 💜

Designed to embody the ancient mystique and power of the powerful goddess Hekate.

Hekate is a goddess who has long been associated with magic, witchcraft, divination, and the moon. She is often depicted as a triple-faced goddess, representing the three phases of the moon - waxing crescent, full, and waning crescent. As such, the hilt of this hair dagger features a triple moon symbol that represents these three phases of the moon.

The triple moon symbol is framed by a skeletal key motif, which is a reference to Hekate's role as a goddess of the underworld and the keeper of keys. She was believed to hold the keys to the gates of the underworld and was often invoked in rituals related to death, rebirth, and transformation.

The pommel of the hair dagger features the Strophalos, which is a symbol that is closely associated with Hekate. It is a circular disc with a cross or a y-shaped emblem that is often used in divination spells. The Strophalos is believed to represent Hekate's connection to the underworld, the moon, and the magic of crossroads.

The blade of the hair dagger is etched with torches, which are a symbol of Hekate's role as the goddess of light and magic. In Ancient Greece, torches were often used in nocturnal rituals dedicated to Hekate, where participants would carry them to light the way and to pay homage to the goddess of the moon and the night.

The Hekate-inspired Hair Dagger is not just a hair accessory but also a symbol of power, magic, and transformation that adds a touch of spellbinding magic to your hairdo.

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