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Morbid Rags

Iron Maiden Red Pin

Iron Maiden Red Pin

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Step into the fiery realm of metal music with the Iron Maiden Red Pin. This rebellious gothic accessory, crafted from sturdy Metal, radiates a vibrant red hue that demands attention. It's a symbol of passion and intensity, perfectly embodying the spirit of the goth, punk, and metal scenes. With its striking design, this pin adds an edgy flair to your outfit, making a bold statement about your unique style. Whether you're a headbanger, a mosh pit enthusiast, or simply someone who loves to embrace the darker side of life, the Iron Maiden Red Pin is a must-have accessory that screams attitude and individuality. Join the tribe and wear your love for metal proudly with this captivating pin.


  • Design: Iron Maiden Red Pin
  • Materials: Metal

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