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Mari Lwyd Pendant

Mari Lwyd Pendant

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Inspired by the enchanting Welsh folklore, this pendant pays homage to the mystical Mari Lwyd tradition. Rooted in Welsh history, the Mari Lwyd is a fascinating custom that dates back centuries.

In Welsh mythology, the Mari Lwyd, or "Grey Mare" in English, is a skeletal horse figure decorated with colorful ribbons, bells, and ornaments. Symbolizing fertility and renewal, the Mari Lwyd was believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits during the winter season. It was also associated with the celebration of New Year's Eve, known as "Plygain" in Wales.

During the Mari Lwyd tradition, a small group of people would don a white sheet or disguise themselves as the skeletal horse. Holding the Mari Lwyd on a long pole, they would visit homes and sing traditional rhymes in hopes of gaining entry for food, drink, and merriment. The rhyming contests, filled with wit and humor, made this ancient tradition a delightfully entertaining spectacle.

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