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Moon Chaser Oversized Tee

Moon Chaser Oversized Tee

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Do you know the Tarot cards? If you are a real witch, then you probably know what each of them looks like. Supposedly, you can read the future from the cards. We called our card, printed on a T-shirt, The Moon Chaser. Of course, you won't find it in the basic deck, this is just our variation on that. It shows a naked witch, rushing on a bat through the darkness of the night. Two demons guarding the gate to hell and the 7 skulls symbolize the passing of time. Will the witch make it before sunrise?

We made the black shirt in Poland, according to a unique Restyle design. Strong knit with a dense weave will make it stay with you for longer. Just remember to wash it according to the inside label! The loose cut will be comfortable to wear.

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