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Persephone's Dagger

Persephone's Dagger

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Sword Hair Stick or Athame for your altar - this works either way!

This one is inspired by the Goddess Persephone. And when I say inspired, I got this persistent nagging feeling that I *had* to do something in her honor. I believe she called out because I'd created pieces for Lilith and Nyx but not her.

So I went all out on this one and its packed with details that all represent her. The hilt is adorned with pomegranate flowers, fruit, and leaves. A baby fawn lies sleeping amongst them.

Her sigil is in the middle. A combination of the symbols for Zeus and Demeter.

Below that are two crescent moons and a wee little bat.

The perfect compliment to your Witchy and Gothic aesthetic!

Can also be used as a letter opener, bookmark, or altar decor.

Each hair pin is six (6) inches long in total. The pin, itself is five (5) inches. The Triple Moon Goddess emblem is one (1) inch long and two and a half (2.5) inches wide.

It weighs approx 6 grams. Its lightweight and is comfortable to wear.

Made from a Zinc Alloy. Nickel and Lead free

*Note. It is shorter than some standard hair pins or chopsticks but it is still more than long enough to secure a bun.
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