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Santa Muerta Hair Scythe

Santa Muerta Hair Scythe

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Santa Muerte Hair Scythe

Don't Fear the Reaper, Be the Reaper

Introducing the extraordinary Hair Scythe inspired by Santa Muerte, a powerful and revered figure in Mexican folklore and a symbol of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This unique hair accessory is crafted for witches who embrace the dark and mysterious aspects of magic.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic imagery associated with Santa Muerte, this Hair Scythe exudes an air of captivating enchantment. Its design intricately captures the essence of this revered figure, representing the duality of life and death, and the power of transformation.

The Hair Scythe showcases a beautifully crafted scythe blade, symbolizing the ancient agricultural tool associated with harvesting and the inevitable passage of time. Through its imagery, this accessory invites you to embrace the cycle of life and the transformative powers that death and rebirth bring.

Inspired by the aesthetics of Santa Muerte, this hair scythe features ornate skull detailing designed to pay homage to the dark allure of this revered figure and the traditions associated with her devotional following.

As a hair accessory, this scythe hair stick serves a functional purpose in securing your hair, while also expressing your connection to the mystical realms. Let your hair intertwine with the scythe, symbolizing your willingness to embrace the shadow aspects of magic and the mysteries that lie within.

Witches who are drawn to the energy of Santa Muerte will find solace and empowerment through this Hair Scythe. It serves as a reminder to honor the cycles of life, allowing you to tap into your own resilience and the transformative power of the dark arts.

Embrace the dark allure of Santa Muerte and adorn your hair with the Hair Scythe. Let it become a symbol of your connection to the mysterious and the transformative. With each wear, invoke the energy of Santa Muerte, and harness the power of life, death, and rebirth on your journey as a witch. Cast a spell of profound enchantment as you explore the depths of your magical path.

Can also be used as a letter opener, bookmark, or altar decor.

Made from a zinc alloy. Nickel and lead free.

They are each six inches in length, shorter than a standard hair stick but still long enough to secure a bun or updo.

Perfect accessory for your goth, witchy, and dark arts aesthetics.

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