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Sigil of Goddess Nyx

Sigil of Goddess Nyx

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Sigil of Goddess Nyx
Pendant on 18" Chain

This Seal of Nyx sigil was designed by me using Adobe Photoshop and is exclusive to Imagined By Nell, LLC.

Nyx is the primordial Goddess of the Night . Channel her energy by wearing her sigil.
The crescent moon represents the Goddess Nyx
The Stars represent the Night Sky and the stars that were described on the cloak she always wore.
The Triangle represents the wisdom and balance that working with Nyx can provide.
The two hooks flanking each side represent the balance between the good and evil that epitomizes Nyx's character.
The circle that everything is enclosed in represents the closed off circle that Nyx lived. She kept her family and friends close and everyone else remained on the outside at a distance.

Meditate on it directly by placing it in front of you to build a long term resonance with it.

Use elaborate summoning or invocation rituals. Get into a state of gnosis or trance using the appropriate method.

Use prayers and mantras to charge and activate the sigil
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