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Sword of Baphomet

Sword of Baphomet

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The Sword of Baphomet

On the crest of the sword is the bust of the goat. 

The depiction of Satan as a goat, often referred to as the "Baphomet," has its origins in various historical and cultural sources. The use of goat imagery in association with Satan can be traced back to ancient pagan beliefs and rituals, in which goats were sometimes associated with fertility, nature, and other primal forces.

In Christian tradition, the association of Satan with a goat can be seen in medieval art and literature, where Satan is portrayed as a horned, goat-like figure, often in contrast to the divine imagery of Christ as a sacrificial lamb. This depiction may have been influenced by earlier pagan symbolism. 

On the forehead is an inverted pentacle, also known as a pentagram. In modern Western occultism and neopaganism, the pentacle is often associated with magical or ritualistic practices, where it can represent various elements or spiritual concepts. Each point of the star can be associated with a different element—earth, air, fire, water, and spirit—and the pentagram can be used as a symbol of protection, balance, or connection to the divine, depending on the specific tradition. When the pentacle is inverted and becomes the pentagram is can signify a darker or 'black magic' practice and can be used as a sigil to associate with Satan. 

On the crest is the Sigil of Lucifer. The sigil of Lucifer is a symbol often associated with the concept of Lucifer as a bringer of light and knowledge. It is a visual representation that is said to capture the essence of Lucifer's symbolism as a figure who challenges traditional authority and brings enlightenment.

On the tip of the blade is the Sulpher Cross, Brimstone. The term "sulfur cross" is often used in alchemical and occult symbolism to refer to an emblem that consists of a cross with the letters S, U, L, and F placed around its points, representing the word "sulfur." This symbol is also known as the "Leviathan Cross" or the "cross of sulfur."

In alchemy, sulfur is one of the three foundational elements, along with mercury and salt, and it is often associated with concepts such as purification, transformation, and the fiery, masculine principle. The sulfur cross is used to represent these alchemical and spiritual concepts, and it is often associated with the occult and various forms of esoteric symbolism.

The hair dagger is made from a zinc and steel alloy. Nickel and lead free. Measures 6.5" long. 

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