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The Kali

The Kali

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The Kali Sword Hair Stick

Hair Dagger Inspired by the Goddess Kali 

Can be used as a hair stick, a bookmark, an athame, artillery for an art doll, plant decor. Lots of options 💜


Designed with the intent to honor the authentic style of the historical blades used on the ancient India subcontinent.


Down the blade are 41 beveled stars cumulatively representing the Goddesses 8, 12, or 21 forms. 


The hilt is adorned with a motif of hibiscus, representing the red hibiscus. The red hibiscus is a symbolic representation of Kali's tongue and the blood lust that possesses her. As she represents a form of energy, this blood symbolism ties her to the life forces in all of us. 


On the pommel is the glyph for the Kali Mudra. The mudra itself is an energy balancer and helps to dispel negative thoughts and energy. 


On the top rests a trident point, a representation of the gift given to her by Shiva. 


Its made from a zinc alloy, nickel and lead free, and measures approx 6.5 inches long.

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