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The Leo

The Leo

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Leo Hair Dagger

The Leo Hair Sword, designed exclusively for those born under the confident and radiant sign of Leo. This hair dagger encapsulates the regal spirit of Leo, combining celestial motifs and empowering symbolism to inspire courage, leadership, and a majestic aura.

At the heart of the Leo Hair Dagger, the majestic head of a lion, flanked by two crescent moons. This emblem represents the Leo's connection to both the earthly and celestial realms, symbolizing their fierce and captivating presence. It serves as a reminder to embrace your inner strength and project your magnetic energy to the world.

Adorning the hilt of the Leo Hair Dagger, you'll discover the glyph and star pattern unique to the Leo zodiac sign. This intricate design embodies the Leo's innate qualities of charisma, confidence, and their natural talent for leadership. It acts as a guiding light, igniting the Leo's inner fire and guiding them towards their true purpose.

Flowing gracefully down the blade, a celestial motif unveils itself - an ethereal tribute to the marvels of the cosmos. Inspired by the celestial bodies and their cosmic dance, this intricate pattern resonates with the Leo's connection to the greater universe. It serves as a reminder of their celestial lineage and their ability to shine brilliantly amidst the galaxy.

Gracefully adorning the tip of the Leo Hair Dagger is the symbol for the Big Bang, the explosive cosmic event that ignited the creation of the universe. This symbol represents the Leo's innate ability to create and manifest their dreams into reality. It serves as a reminder that from the spark of passion, greatness is born.

measures 6.5 inches long

Made from a zinc and galvanize dsteel alloy


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