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The Libra

The Libra

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Libra Hair Dagger

The Libra Hair Dagger, a hair accessory crafted for those born under the harmonious and fair-minded sign of Libra. This hair dagger merges celestial symbolism and exquisite design, inspiring Librans to seek balance, justice, and inner harmony.

At the heart of the Libra Hair Dagger, behold a captivating design featuring a set of scales delicately centered within the elegant triple moon symbol. This emblem represents the Libra's affinity for justice, equilibrium, and their unwavering pursuit of fairness. It serves as a reminder to embrace the delicate balance within and strive for harmony in all aspects of life.

Adorning the hilt of the Libra Hair Dagger, you'll discover the glyph and star pattern unique to the Libra zodiac sign. This intricate design symbolizes the Libra's innate qualities of diplomacy, grace, and their deep desire for social harmony. It acts as a celestial guide, leading Librans towards creating peaceful connections and nurturing relationships.

Flowing gracefully down the blade, a celestial motif unfolds - a celestial tapestry inspired by the celestial bodies and their ethereal motion. This intricate pattern resonates with the Libra's connection to the cosmic energies, inspiring a sense of wonder and reminding them of their ability to find balance and beauty in all aspects of life.

Crowning the tip of the Libra Hair Dagger is the symbol for the Big Bang, the transformative cosmic event that birthed the universe. This symbol represents the Libra's innate ability to bring about positive change, catalyzing transformation in themselves and the world around them.

Measures 6.5 inches long

Made from a zinc and galvanized steel alloy

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