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The Nephthys

The Nephthys

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Nephthys is a lesser-known goddess in Egyptian mythology, often overshadowed by her more prominent sister, Isis. She is considered a protective goddess associated with mourning, death, transition, and rebirth. Nephthys is typically depicted as a woman wearing a crown adorned with the hieroglyph for her name, which resembles a basket or house. She is sometimes shown with wings, symbolizing her protective and nurturing nature.

Nephthys is the sister and counterpart of Isis, the powerful goddess of magic and motherhood. While Isis represents life, fertility, and light, Nephthys embodies the darker, more mysterious aspects of existence. She is often depicted as a loyal companion to Isis, accompanying her on her journeys and helping her in times of need.

In Egyptian mythology, Nephthys is sometimes associated with funerary rites and the afterlife. She is seen as a guardian of the dead and a protector of souls as they make their journey to the underworld. Nephthys is also linked to the annual flooding of the Nile River, symbolizing the cycles of death and rebirth that are central to Egyptian beliefs.

Nephthys is associated with the kite, a type of bird of prey. The kite bird is known for its keen eyesight and ability to soar high in the sky. In some representations, Nephthys is depicted with the head of a kite or as having kite-like wings.

The kite bird symbolizes several qualities that are attributed to Nephthys. Like the bird, Nephthys is considered a guardian and protector, watching over the living and the dead. The kite's ability to fly high in the sky might represent Nephthys's role as a guide for souls after death, helping them navigate the journey to the afterlife.

The hair sword measures approx 6.5 inches long and is made of a zinc and steel blend. 

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