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The Scorpio

The Scorpio

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The Scorpio Hair Sword

Embrace your mysterious and transformative nature with this captivating hair dagger designed exclusively for those born under the sign of Scorpio. This striking accessory features a scorpion crawling across a crescent moon on the hilt, the glyph and star pattern representing Scorpio, and a celestial motif adorning the blade, allowing you to proudly showcase your astrological pride while symbolizing the depths of your passion and intrigue.

In astrology, Scorpio is associated with the symbol of the scorpion, representing the intensity, mystery, and magnetic allure of this zodiac sign. The scorpion crawling across the crescent moon on the hilt of this hair dagger embodies the powerful and transformative nature of Scorpio individuals. It serves as a reminder of your resilience, ability to adapt, and the depths of your emotions and desires.

The glyph for Scorpio resembles an M with an arrow at its tail, representing the stinger of the scorpion. It signifies the strength, determination, and resourcefulness of Scorpio individuals. Alongside the glyph, the star pattern associated with Scorpio reflects the celestial energies and influences that guide those born under this sign. The inclusion of these symbols on the hilt showcases your connection to the intense cosmic forces that shape your Scorpio traits.

Adorning the blade of the hair dagger is a celestial motif, featuring stars and ethereal patterns that evoke a sense of mystery and wonder. Just as Scorpio individuals possess a natural inclination for digging beneath the surface and discovering hidden truths, the celestial motif encourages you to explore the depths of your own being and uncover the secrets of the universe. Let it inspire your journey and guide you as you embrace your innate power and intuition.

Measures 6.5 inches long

Made from a galvanized steel and zinc alloy

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