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The Warrior's Sword

The Warrior's Sword

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Celtic Sword Hair Pin
For all the modern day warriors

The majestic Celtic Inspired Hair Sword, a powerful symbol of strength and magic that combines the essence of the ancient Celtic traditions with the fierce spirit of warriors and witches alike. This exquisite hair sword is a testament to the courage and determination that lies within you.

Drawing inspiration from Celtic artistry, this hair sword is adorned with a mesmerizing tiny lion emblem, symbolizing bravery, leadership, and protection. The lion, held in high regard across many cultures, represents the potent combination of power and grace that resonates deeply with warriors and those who embrace the craft of witchcraft.

The intricate Celtic-inspired design of the hair sword is a captivating blend of curves, knots, and patterns symbolizing the eternal cycle of life and the interconnectedness of all things. Each detail reflects the mastery of craftsmanship, casting a spellbinding aura to those who behold it.

This hair sword is not just a beautiful accessory; it is a tool that amplifies your inner strength and harnesses the energy of the ancients. Whether you are in the midst of a ritual or simply seeking a powerful talisman, this hair sword empowers your every intention and action.

Embrace your dual identity as a warrior and a witch, as this hair sword becomes an extension of your essence. Let it weave magic into your hair as it stands as a symbol of your unwavering spirit and determination. With each stroke, you will feel the connection to the ancient Celtic warriors and witches who came before you, invoking their wisdom and courage.

Can also be used as a letter opener, bookmark, or altar decor.

Each hair pin is six (6) inches long in total.

It weighs approx 6 grams. Its lightweight and is comfortable to wear.

Made from a Zinc Alloy. Nickel and Lead free

*Note. It is shorter than some standard hair pins or chopsticks but it is still more than long enough to secure a bun.

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